Tells the history that in the year 1920, Mrs.Graciela Jiménez, Mr. Alfonso Cornejo Guerrero´s wife, dwelled in this house built at the end of the XIX century. Mr. Alfonso Cornejo and Mrs. Graciela Jiménez were married but they lived in different houses. This was a very peculiar way of living that both of them decided to carry out. Mr. Alfonso Cornejo was person strictly dedicated to the agricultural sector, specifically to the cultivation of coffee. He had his working area in another house that was located across from the main park. Mrs. Graciela Jiménez was a housewife and did not get involved in her husband’s affairs. Some people that worked with them say that Mr. Alfonso Cornejo visited Mrs. Graciela Jiménez every day at lunch time and during the late afternoons he got to hey house to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee and his favorite dessert, rice pudding. At night he returned to this house to enjoy dinner, listen to music, drink a glass of brandy and smoke Habanos together.


To create a permanent and rewarding experience in each of our guests through an excellent adn personalized customer service.


To contribute to a quality touristic development in El Salvador by means of bringing the best lodging and social events within the western zone of the country to tourists as well as national and international clients.

Founder’s Message

In 1994, when I was seven years old; my parents and I traveled to the inauguration of the attraction “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror  ©” which was based on the franchise of the world-famous series “The Twilight Zone ©”, at that time located within the park Attractions of Disney © MGM Studios © (Today, Disney Hollywood Studios) in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The attraction was set within the infrastructure of a Hollywood hotel from the 1930s: an old neglected garden, statues deteriorated by the passaging time, the lobby covered in dust and spider webs and in the background, jazz, blues and orchestras of that time… in short, everything is suitable to transport the public to an abandoned hotel from that time.

That day began my passion for hotels.

I have always considered that true happiness lies in the simple great act of serving others and our nation. The project of creating a hotel was the perfect excuse that brought together my three essential purposes: to provide a unique place of lodging for us Salvadorans, to make our foreign guests feel at home and, above all, to contribute to the tourism development of El Salvador. There is nothing we are more passionate about than the satisfaction of each of our guests.

Casa Degraciela is a boutique hotel located inside a colonial house with more than 200 years of existence. The infrastructure of the house has not only been reinforced but also the rooms have been meticulously equipped so that our guests can enjoy all the comfort they deserve.

Personalized service, exclusivity and comfort are the central axes that have made our hotel the best in the western area of El Salvador.

Thanks to the support of my collaborators and, above all, our guests, that dream I had as a child of becoming the owner of a hotel that looked antique came true.

Welcome to the hotel of my dreams!

Gerardo Cornejo Anduray
General Manager